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  • Calculating directory sizes    
    Wednesday, March 02 2005 @ 05:44 PM EST
    Contributed by: Admin

    Terminal/CLITo see how big all your folders are, launch Terminal and enter du -sh ./*

    Sample output:

    355M	./Desktop
    1.3M	./Documents
    242M	./Library
    116M	./Movies
    283M	./Music
     33M	./Pictures
     24K	./Public
    228K	./Sites
     44K	./bin
    4.0K	./dev
    195M	./safari-downloads
    119M	./tmp
    Explaination: du is 'disk usage,' -s means 'just for the files named' (otherwise it'll dig through and count every subdirectory and file) and -h means 'human readable'--it'll report in MB or GB or whatever is appropriate, rather than a gigantic number of kilobytes.

    To see how much space all your users are using, use this command as an administrative user:
    sudo du -sh /Users/*

    You can also get a more detailed view--one level deeper--with this:
    sudo du -sh /Users/*/*
    For example:
     14M    /Users/admin/Desktop
    344K    /Users/admin/Documents
     36M    /Users/admin/Library
      0B    /Users/admin/Movies
     24K    /Users/admin/Music
    127M    /Users/admin/My Applications
      0B    /Users/admin/Pictures
    142M    /Users/admin/Public
     28K    /Users/admin/Sites
    1.4G    /Users/brian/Desktop
    1.1M    /Users/brian/Documents
    257M    /Users/brian/Library

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