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  • How to Download the New Apple iPad Ad    
    Monday, March 08 2010 @ 10:46 AM EST
    Contributed by: Admin

    MiscellaneousApple is making it harder and harder to get your hands on their precious movie files, but it's possible. You just have to know a few tricks.

    1) Go to http://www.apple.com/ipad/gallery/#hardware06
    2) As soon as the ad starts playing, go Window -> Activity
    3) Entries will come and go. When you see one like " http://www.apple.com/media/us/ipad/2010/ads/apple-ipad-ad-meet_ipad-us-20100307.json ", double-click on it
    4) Near the end is a bit that says something like "src":"/105/media/us/ipad/2010/ads/apple-ipad-ad-meet_ipad-us-20100307_848x480.mov" Copy the address part, without the quotes.
    5) Open a new window, type www.apple.com, and paste the rest of the address, so you wind up with something like www.apple.com/105/media/us/ipad/2010/ads/apple-ipad-ad-meet_ipad-us-20100307_848x480.mov and press "return"
    6) The movie should start playing in your browser. Congratulations! You have verified that you have the right address.
    7) Now, copy that address, go Window -> Downloads, and paste. This cool trick will cause Safari to download the item whose address you just pasted--in this case, the movie. Then, go to your Downloads folder (or Desktop, or wherever you tell Safari to save things) and you can watch it in QuickTime, going over it frame-by-frame, Zapruder-style, to see all the cool things the iPad does. "Aha, iBooks will have Stephen Coonts. Cool!"

    Note that the URL is actually just a reference movie. If you try to download it with `curl` or something similar, you'll just get the reference movie (a 4k pointer to the actual movie) and it won't work, but Safari will automatically download the full movie. Also, before I tried all this, I tried using UnPlug and Firefox and had no luck. Like I said, Apple is getting sneaky. :-)

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