iPad thoughts

Saturday, March 06 2010 @ 07:45 PM EST

Contributed by: Admin

So the iPad is pretty spiffy but I can see a couple potential downsides. One main difference between the iPad and an iPhone is that you'll tend to use an iPad for longer sessions, so lots of things that you could overlook when using an iPhone for a few minutes at a time will become larger issues when using an iPad for hours at a time. Multitasking, for one. I can see browsing on this thing for a while, but eventually I'd want to listen to some streaming music (I know you can load your own music, but sometimes I want to hear music I don't own) or have my instant messenger running. On a related note, I think it will be absolutely awesome for reading long things, like books and magazines, but not so good for long browsing sessions. I tend to browse by starting with Slashdot or TUAW or Daring Fireball, reading down the list, and opening many tabs in the background to read later. I don't think you can really do that on an iPad.